3 sweet spots for home business in 2022!

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Success leaves clues so today we are going to identify major advantages taking place in 2022 with or without us, it is going to happen.

Number 1 lesson taught in wealth creation is to be positioned correctly in front of what is in demand. 

Forbs Magazine says the demand in health and wellness will grow from billions to trillions by 2024 annually! Health and nutritional solutions are the most searched topics of the Internet around the world!

Average monthly auto-ship order ranges from 150 to 300 dollars per month. According to DSA  (direct sales association) 90% of those orders are canceled before 90 days!

Average range of start up for home business companies with health and wellness products having a track record of 7 figure earner production. $600 to $5000.

One of the largest repeated searches online for the last 2 years has been how to earn income from home!

Three sweet spots that when accomplished synergistically will create wealth at record levels between now and 2024 are…

1. Have what has an increasing demand over time monthly. 

2. Affordability to attain both repetition for retention. 

3. System of revenue generation simple to duplicate. 

It feels great as the author of Project Healthy Wealth to have teamed up with a home business company that brings some major advantages, savings, and solutions covering all three sweet spots!

2 year global debt free track record. Over a dozen nutritional supplements that proved to be in monthly demand for decades $150 to $300 per month and still are. On the market each one under $75 per month. Results have shown the average product auto-ship repeated has been 3 to 4 products for the last 2 years!

No one wants to be a sales person in 2022. Having a phone app equipped with videos each having a solution to a problem being faced. Removes any explaining or selling as a person sees a solution to a problem and chooses to make a purchase. 

People have met from online chats texted videos with solutions to problems discovered in the chats. Groups have worked together for training by zoom eliminating the need for in-home and public meetings as a place to conduct business!

Having social media as a source for business clients truly is work from home! No need to hassle friends and family to get paid!

A start up cost risk free under $600 has allowed many to finance the home business  start up on a credit card. A monthly payment under 75 dollars is less than a carton of cigarettes people on food stamps pay cash for monthly! 

Affordability provides those with a desire to achieve a chance to thrive when in just about all other opportunities operation expense out weighs earnings! Should you have a desire to be in  front of the money as a home entrepreneur.

Send an email to earl@projecthealthywealth.com make sure you put {share the video} in the subject line and in your email a phone number we can text the video too. 

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