Home Business a skyrocketing solution in 2022!

Welcome to our Common Sense Results overview!

Allow us a little time here today to share some secrets that have allowed this home business opportunity to accomplish almost 3 years debt free and global!

How would it feel 7 days from now to have earned $10, $25, $100, or even $250 on less than 1 hour of your time?

We just happen to have a system in motion that has helped folks with zero prior experience to do exactly that and even more! Skills needed for the task are the ability to send an email, send a text message, and communicate over a phone!

It has been discovered that it takes zero sales skills to allow a person to view a video containing a solution to a challenge they are facing. As a solution is then purchased than money is paid out. This is the process that allowed Amazon to become one of the largest financial success stories of all time!

When the ability to use social media from a smartphone, laptop, or home computer. Identify there is a place to serve or need to fill based on what is in profile and postings.

It is only a matter of connecting by chat and as they tell their story in the process a phone app has a video you can text, email, or place in a chat box containing the solution they desire!

This process has produced massive wealth on a global scale because it can be practiced from home online! It does not take gas money expenses or uniforms. No need for a mask or vaccine to qualify for pay!

Even an existing business could hang a sign advertising help wanted independent weekly pay text xyz number for details. That walk in traffic can turn into  residual income streams!

Notice none of these income producing activities required you to build a list of your friends and family. There is no logical reason not to serve this group of people solutions to challenges they are facing.

It is just exciting that your income does not depend on you trying to sell them something!

Folks all we are going to share with you here is a simple process of information all based on common sense, logic, and good solid business practice. What we offer comes with a 30 day risk free money back guarantee.

The first basic fundamental of business is to be in front of the masses with what they are spending their money on!

So ask yourself this question…

Today with gas prices at all time highs and inflation not holding back either, Don’t most people need a way to produce more income?

Lets look at a little logic here with a couple major questions.

Who does not want to feel better?

Ever heard the expression follow the money?

The largest add spend budgets of all time are spent on commercials with solutions needing prescriptions priced from $10 to $40 dollars per day. These solutions are jammed packed with warning labels of side effects. None are cures.

So wouldn’t the sweet spot of demand be in natural solutions side effect free we can not call cures that have stories of results?

Would it take a lot of convincing at a daily cost under $4 per day?

Wouldn’t affordability be your advantage?

It is time to share our story of results as a company that carries 15 solutions each priced less than $4 dollars per day! Experience has shown our company has an average of 3 to 4 products on monthly auto-ship per customer.

We found this quite advantageous because according to the Direct Sales Association over 90% of companies are having single product auto-ship orders stopping before 90 days have passed!

Having products that actually work people can afford is key to that residual income stream production in 2022!

Each product has a monthly commission paying 10 dollars. Our history shows average of 3 to 4 products per customer per month. 10 customers could average $300 to $400 per month. We can not make guarantees of earning income but can share what has been accomplished.

Folks experts have proven our food lacks minerals and nutrients that are no longer present in soil it is grown in. This is why we solve the problem with supplements. It is basic nutrition not snake oil. We are what we eat!

Our Company owners both experienced the top 1% of the world income levels as distributors in our industry. What they discovered as a major need in the home business field was a company built for distributors by distributors.

(Joe Melling) Has developed teams of millions of dollars of volume on a monthly scale in multiple companies!

(Richard Obrien) One of the few rare distributors in network marketing who has actually built a billion dollar single team within a company!

Time and time again a compensation plan is changed by ownership who has no clue what drives the volume in the field. Another major problem was to change how the formulation of the products was done more cost effective even if it ruins the product!

Our ownership was not interested in fancy buildings with huge overhead when there is the cloud online. Having more money to pay to the distribution force responsible for accomplished business just made better sense.

A global bonus pool has been set into motion that pays out on a quarterly scale allowing those who qualify a piece of the companies entire volume!

Most other companies require over 100k per month of volume before any chance of global bonus money is possible. Less than $1300 in a single month of volume can allow one into the bonus pool each quarter!

The fast start commissions on enrollment packs come in handy for one to earn from 25 dollars up to $250!

As the company began the owners did not wish to see any back order problems of product so they started out by paying for over a million dollars in product to be produced and ready for to be shipped before their first order to customers was even placed!

Another industry first was to have incentives instead of penalties for any retail business who wanted to add our products to what they have to offer. A great strategy when 95% of health and wellness companies miss that kind of volume month after month year after year!

We have a mentor ship mastermind group bringing 7 figure earners to train and share our proven 8 step process to profits and more every single week for just under a dollar per day. This kind of training has a value well over 10k per month our company has made available to us for thirty dollars per month!

Lets dive into the results of a company built by distributors for distributors.

Eddie Freeman left side (came out of retirement from helping 32 people earn a million dollars as network marketers!) Jan Whims who has had the honor to work under in person famous billionaire W. Clemment Stone. Joe Melling one of our owners. Then yours truly.

That day was neat to see Eddie back in action received a $10,000 Bonus that month, Jan enjoy recognition for a $5000 bonus over and above her commissions earned that month!

Having my picture taken with Chiropractor Dr. Clifton Brady. Who shared from stage what a blessing it was to have this process to complement and add income to his practice that even creates more income than his Chiropractic service! He was excited to have products that are making his patients feel better.

Next was a real treat to see a retired school teacher Connie Ross who had become a widow just before getting started. Embracing the power of zoom presentations was able to accomplish a 10,000 bonus that month over and above her regular earnings as well.

Watching Pattie Sapinaro (Certified Health Coach with her own line of products on the shelf) crossed stage as a Silver. She loved the fact that she had another income source that has residual income. Having ingredients properly formulated to make a difference. She has also accomplished a 7 figure income in our industry!

It was an honor to be recognized on stage for accomplishing the foundational building rank of Bronze that allows us into the global bonus pool when held 3 months in a row in the same work quarter. It was a fun process to accomplish part time while owning and operating my own lawn care company full time!

One of the first people I had the pleasure to enroll and help her even pass me up in rank with our proven system Johanna Baker from California. 

Johanna helped a full time dog breeder into the rank of bronze in just her first 7 days with the company! Barbara Williams

Johanna also brought in another lady Linda Blackwell from Canada and helped her to accomplish the Bronze level in our company in her first work quarter on the team!

Johanna also enrolled an entrepreneur from the Chicago area Calvin Binion who is very excited to have a process in motion. He has a big heart to help others and enjoys his saxophone.

So now you have seen results and people who have accomplished them!

From me you will not always hear what you desire but when it comes to a future with solutions the truth is all I can share. Folks we are speaking of a process of Entrepreneurship. Only a fool would bring a promise of something for nothing.

Success takes Commitment of Efforts & Money. What we have here is a process that actually works for those willing to invest in themselves and schedule actions to profits.

So lets take a look at an example of a schedule of part time efforts to profits and see which option fits your needs the best.

Taking the weekends off lets look at a schedule of 1 hour per day 5 days every week and what that can equate too in the first month of operation.

The entry level packs are present only as a way to begin the journey to create the profits to then upgrade to the next level to be more properly equipped to practice business the most effective way possible professionally.

In this example it is important to understand that the work actions and time commitment are exactly the same!

5 days in a row 1 hour is practiced of proper actions we can train you to do. 4 out of 5 times lets say we fail to make a transaction but 1 time we do. As we practice this over and over week after week we can improve from 1 out of 5 as we build up our skills.

Keeping the law of attraction meaning we attract to us what we practice in life. Also called the law of sowing and reaping. When we want to most it means we must sow the most for the larger harvest.

The average home business to bring real money to the table for earnings has a start up cost around $1800 to $5000. Our owners felt if the advantage of affordability was in a persons corner they could position themselves for success should they desire it bad enough.

Our largest enrollment pack allowing one to a month supply of all 15 of our products and 2 tickets to our next live event for training and recognition of accomplishment celebration in August of 2022.

A big whopping $999 heck on a credit card that is a monthly payment to finance a solid path to a financial future as an entrepreneur less than a hundred bucks per month! Now days that is even less money than a tank of gas!

$999 enrollment pack to begin in week one 5 days proper actions practiced for 1 hour and 4 times we failed. 1 time we brought one aboard at the $999 pack. Fast start bonus is paid of $250. 4 weeks of that puts

a Thousand dollars earned in month one on 5 hours per week.

$499 enrollment pack same work habits end of week one $100 4 weeks of that puts

Four hundred dollars earned in month 1 on 5 hours per week.

$199 enrollment pack same work habits end of week one $25 4 weeks of that puts

One hundred dollars earned in month 1 on 5 hours per week.

The only question left is Do you want to make some of the money or is it your turn to earn all of the money?

We hope you enjoyed our example only of potential available now and look forward to meeting you over the phone, online, or at one of our events! It’s time to begin the journey!

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