How $10 per hr. Office skills are 100k for home entrepreneurs!

A  cool little fact many are not aware of  who are heading back to the office to be under the thumb of an hourly wage!

So let’s examine simple office skills old and new completed every day by many hourly wage office helpers.

Make & receive calls, send text messages, send emails, and set appointments. 

Task at hand for hourly wage office help. From social networks people are advertising a desire for what the company provides. Connecting by responding to what they have posted by on line chat. 

   Desire is confirmed and a video sharing what they are looking for is sent by text, email, or both. 

Each time a purchase is made from the video seen. A profit is made for the company. Hiring a person to do the task at 10.00 per hour is a 400 dollar Weekly expense from the 3 to 10 thousand dollars generated from the process.

The office employee month after month year after year has a set income of 10 dollars per hour for 40 hours to earn $400 gross.

The company has repeated monthly income from every sale from its videos. As this process continues over a year or two often a 7 figure monthly revenue stream is accomplished for the company.

Today a traditional business owner like myself ( Home Project Service lawn care & Property management. ) { pic below}

 Invested a little less than 500 dollars to practice the same exact task.

   On part time efforts 5 to 7 hours per week from home.

3 people I connected with in my first week saw a video and made a purchase. As an independent the company paid me $300 the following week. On the tenth of the next month another bonus from those sales of $300!

$600 was a hundred more than I spent to be an independent company agent.  Less than 90 days my home business has earned all of its investment back and shown me $600 dollars in less than 7 hours of my time.

Introduced this option to a friend of mine in a wheel chair looking for office work. She had the same experience as I did. It was a real treat to see her earn a $500 bonus over and above regular pay on less than 7 hours of part time efforts.

Johanna Baker from California

She introduced the concept to professional dog breeder in California Barbara Williams  (In pic below) who also experienced the $500 bonus on part time efforts in her first week!

Johanna then introduced this concept to her friend Linda Blackwell from Canada (pic below) She also enjoyed $500 in bonus money on top of her regular earnings on part time efforts!

Johanna also introduced Calvin Binion who is also excited to enjoy this process!

Having my picture taken with Dr. Brady ( Pic Below) who found this a solution that complemented his professional practice. Was a real treat learning how much of a difference can be made and results he has seen over the last couple years!

Having my picture taken with retired school teacher Connie Ross who had a bonus check one month for $10,000 over and above regular earnings.

It is fun to have a common sense approach to office skills becoming an income stream from home, Not to mention income that grows monthly from every sale from a video sent by text email or both.

Getting compensated time and again for work accomplished 1 time sure is a treat compared to an hourly wage or salaried position. The person who introduced me to this little blessing has earned over a 100k in a year with this practice!

The company has all the training and home mentorship needed so as a business owner who did not have time to train other people, having it provided by the company meant I did not have to become a trainer or sales person for another income source.

A business with walk in traffic can hang a help wanted sign, as people respond, text a video! How easy to add another source of income with such simplicity!

Mentors Joe Melling, Eddie Freeman, Richard Obrien have helped people earn millions of dollars in this field of income production. Combined experience over 100 successful  years in action.

It is a blessing to share our results instead of hype and hope. We are ready to help a few others enjoy the process before the end of the year! No need to worry about text message fees just email with (Share the video) in the subject line. In your email provide the best phone number and times you are available for contact.

Disclaimer ( There are no guarantees of income results only follow daily actions. Those happen on an individual and unpredictable schedule.)


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