How to find people for your home business on line in 2024

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The skills you practice daily are the ones that pay you the most as an entrepreneur!

Today we are going to learn it ALL!

A=Ask L=Learn L=Lead

Folks the most followed leader of all time mastered this simple skill set and it has created success in many areas of life throughout all of time.

Ask questions to Learn the desire and Lead the way!

The most followed leader of all time says if you wish to be the greatest leader you must master being a great server!

It has been said the secret to the money in our industry is in the duplication of successful profiting actions daily.

When we understand our mission is not to make the sale but to deliver a path faster to the destination of desire.

It takes zero convincing and puts urgency into taking the next step forward!

Asking questions to learn if the desire is to feel better in some way shape or form, earn more income, or both. Will allow us to know which video

{tool for explanation}

to send holding the solution from phone app or website. This takes zero sales skills and brings a prospect to their solution.

When they see a solution that saves them money, solves a problem, and adds value to life it becomes exciting to take the next step!

Using videos from website, phone app, zoom, or live presentations on social networks. These are the tools we lean on to do all the explaining.

Our master skill is to simply communicate

I am so glad you shared that with me what is the best number I can text a video with that information on it?

After they have seen the solution a 3 way call to show them another person in their corner to help guide them through the process to their solution. Team work make the dream work!

Three ponds to fish in to find people you are able to serve with your business.

  1. people you know

  2. people you encounter

  3. people on social media

The first step to your success is to form a list of people to practice your skills of ALL on.

Often the first thirty can be located in your phone contacts!

Statistics from our industry have shown one thing 100k earners had in common on their first year was to connect with 200 people, identify a need the business could fill, and help them complete the process.

If one where to begin just locating 3 new people per day to serve on line in 100 days a list would be established of 300 people to serve. 

Some want to feel better, some want more income and others want both. Our job is to build the list and present the solutions.

The daily method of operation that has got myself and people I personally enrolled as well people they have enrolled. All into the companies quarterly bonus pool!

Below are the 5 steps to our daily routine with project healthy wealth!

1. Pray….We can not receive a blessing if we do not ask for it.

2. Plant 3 seeds Learn from online chat, text, phone, or in person 3 people who have a desire to feel better, earn more income, or both and send a tool containing the solution. (video, facebook group, recorded call) We have a great training for social media each week available called Grow To Go!

3. Follow up with 3 seeds inquire what was liked best about what they saw determine what is best way to serve and schedule next action by Enrolling as a customer or a builder.

4. Increase personal value reading books, attending functions, and participating in personal development coaching from established and duplicated 7 figure earners each week. Saturday morning book club, Saturday morning training call, Monday weekly kick off zoom and Monday master mind group zoom. Thursday night results overview team zoom!

5. Share value with others.

Below is another archive training on how to communicate to the next step.

30 years helping folks earn as entrepreneurs below is a pic of myself and my mentor for leadership John C Maxwell it is amazing what is possible when your willing to develop skill sets to serve the masses!

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