How to beat inflation in 2023

Success has left behind some major clues to increasing financial status in 2023 enjoy video below!


Having my picture taken while shaking hands with home business legend Richard Obrien. He built a billion dollar organization within a single company. He understood what a drag it was to have owners change the deal and cut the pay from those in the field. Instead of leaving the Industry he Co-founded this opportunity and designed the pay plan from the bottom up instead of top down! Allowing the little fella a shot for advancement and multiplication of income!

 In this pic below.  At this event Eddie Freeman from Boston enjoyed over 12 thousand dollars that month in bonus money. He has helped over 30 people earn a million dollars in our home business industry. Next to him my Sponsor Jan Whimms from Indiana a retired lady enjoyed over $5000 in bonus money that month on top of her normal earnings. Joe Melling had the honor to build his way to the top of multiple companies in our industry each changed the deal and hurt the field. His passion as our other Co-founder is to build a company for distributors by distributors so ownership will never cut the pay on those in the field generating the business. ( Each of these are people who are available every week to help our team produce!)

It was a real treat to have my Picture taken with DR. Clifton Brady who has included our companies products into his chiropractic practice! He loves to have products that help his clients get results!

To bring on board the team Johanna Baker from California and see her with MS on part time efforts help several earn their first $500 to $1000 in a week. Was a treat fun to experience.

Johanna helped another lady from Canada into our global bonus pool as a Bronze Linda Blackwell

Johanna also helped Calvin Binion of Chicago work his way to the second level of global bonus pool as a silver.

Here at Project Healthy Wealth we are up front in the beginning about entrepreneurship not being free. We share why we are positioned for profit globally. We demonstrate results instead of lead with hype. We have live person help when it is needed. Last but not least a three year debt free global track record. It is a real blessing to be in the right place at the perfect time!

We have the ability to share with you regular fruit on the tree!

What if you could learn 3 times a week by email different solutions making a difference and bringing progress for many?

How would it feel to have the magic ingredient to all home business and that is where to find the people who want what you have without leaving your home?

Would you find a benefit to hear how one almost 50 no longer needs medications to thin blood, adjust blood pressure, or help reduce chronic pain all side effect free?

Can you imagine how wonderful it is as a parent to see results with a child’s behavior experts failed to accomplish on thousands of dollars worth of medications?

Could it be considered good news to see people over 75 gaining back memory strength and cognitive function side effect free?

A solution less than a value meal in a fast food place helping folks drop pounds weekly naturally?

Some are able to earn their first $600 to a thousand dollars in a week on part time efforts, utilizing social media, imagine the ability to see a zoom of action in progress instead of hype and hope!

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