How to find people for your home business on line in 2022

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Conviction draws producers!

    Are you communicating with for certain that you are in the correct spot perfectly positioned to help them achieve their desires even faster! You can show them others along the process who have already done so because of a simple to operate system easy to duplicate.

 Do you know the affordability advantage from proven results?

     DSA says over 90% of auto-ship orders in health & wellness companies stop before 90 days time. Proven from results, the average monthly autoship from 150 to 300 dollars.

Our debt free 2 year global track record shows an average autoship at 3 products per month. Average product price Under $70!

Are you aware the growth in this very space of service will be from billions of dollars per year to trillions by 2024? This will happen with or without us participating!

Did you know our team members have the chance every week to be part of a Mastermind group having leaders who have not only earned millions by experience but successfully duplicated the process with many others?

Results in the home business industry have shown 7 figure accomplished earnings had start-up costs from 1800 to  $5000. Some companies you could get started for less but had to upgrade to the bigger packs before eligibility for full commissions.

The opportunity we have is just under five hundred bucks!

Industry production results have proved the average amount of monthly presentations of what is offered were completed a minimum of 15 times for 40 months total. Results of those consistent efforts every month was 100k per year and above annual earnings!

Can you commit 1 hour per day every other day to get a couple people on a video overview of how they can be served?

Did you know our Saturday home business trainer completed the 40 months of presentations in 24 to accomplish more than a 100k year?

There are around 10 markets served in health and wellness creating million dollar fortunes. Most with products ranging from $150-over 3 hundred dollars per month.

Our opportunity has a product line in each one of them priced under $70 per month!

If someone has no interest in home income the odds are pretty high that there is at least one product per month to help them solve a problem, add quality to life, and save a few dollar signs as well!

UNDERSTANDING WHAT WE HAVE SHARED THIS FAR provides a whole lot of belief in YOU being in the correct place at the perfect time as a home entrepreneur. When you feel in your heart without a doubt the Path you’re on is the best for all who are on it.

There will be an invisible energy in YOU displaying certainty of success that your prospect wants to feel in themselves. As they see that… it takes no convincing to have them invest into a path to where they want to go!


Videos, 3 way calls, live zooms or in person meetings are your tools for all explaining.

When they see you point to your tools to answer questions they recognize they can do the same thing. Systems create success. It takes zero sales skills to share a video that has a solution to a problem found in discussions, texts, or on line chats.

As the prospect learns they can solve the problem and have help in their corner whenever needed. Confidence in what is in front of them is now born! Confidence comes from belief and we become what we believe the most!

The secret to communicating with conviction is to listen and understand clearly what the desires are of your prospect. Asking questions that give you a clear picture shows them your interest is truly in helping them. 

They are never concerned about what you know until they first know that you care!!!

At times they may give an objection and because you asked the correct questions you will be able to use the very words they used for what they desire to overcome the objection and schedule the appointment!

As they recognize you listened enough to know what they want and are confident enough to even use their own words as means to overcome the objection and take the next step. 

That is the invisible energy that creates the sale, not the bells and whistles of comp plan or products.

 Again when they recognize they can truly get where they wish to be in life faster… it becomes exciting to take the journey!

Time for a little linkedin prospecting training.

How you communicate here is crucial.

 Sales only happen in the lands of know, like, and trust!

  Spamming messages of the latest and greatest here today and now will only repel people from you and possibly have your account shut down as a result!

connecting with a person in a chat who has a profile that displays a few key points that identifies them as a great prospect to join your team.

1. Over 500 connections

2. Gold box indicating they pay for premium service. 

3. Posting regularly things you can compliment on. 

4. open to work green circle around their picture 

5. In a career field that has earned 7 figures in network marketing. 

Below are 10 careers people left to earn over a million dollars as home entrepreneurs!

Accountant, Servers, Teachers, Nurses, Social Workers, Fitness Trainers, Massage Therapists,  Truck drivers, Retail workers, Realestate agents. 

Doing a linkedin search by one of those single career fields as xyz career looking for opportunity or seeking new career in xyz career.   Click on people at the end of the search and each one shows thousands of results. Filter them down select 20 per day

Our entire mission is to make a connection and have them accept the connection request so we can ask them questions. Recruiting like a professional is nothing more than a simple process.

Industry statistics show that 80% of purchases happen from the 5th to the 12th time information was seen on that subject. We are learning what they truly desire out of life and as it is discovered this may take an average of 5 to 12 chats before it becomes time to text them a video!

 Recognize if you’re starting 2 conversations per day from 20 connection attempts. 

There are 14 conversations in motion by day seven. Odds are 3 to 7 could be seeing a presentation from your business with a solution to their problems!

By day 21 you can reduce because daily action results are compounding so your 20 attempts to 10 and by day 42 reduce that ten to 5 connections per day. There will be more leads than you can handle because you have a daily habit of consistency!

When you reach day 90 you have accomplished and mastered a Daily Method of Operation that has helped many to 7 figure earnings on 2 to 5 years of consistency!

Before sending information you need to know for sure. What do they do? How long have they done it? What made them choose that process? Have they ever tried a home business? What did they like best about it?

If you are seeing statements like (I am only looking for a job) it is not yet time for you to send a video. Instead, it is time to ask some more questions that show you have listened to their story of  a problem your business has a solution for.

I see your skill sets and wonder if you ever felt overworked and underpaid?

If those skills practiced at your job could be done in a home business and pay you twice as much would you have an hour per day to practice them as your own boss?

You will hear{We have tried those things before and I am just not a salesperson.}

   The fact that you have tried before shows you have a vision for a better future! Over 90% of startups with the big ground floor go out of business advertising the next big one. One thing they all have in common is selling a kit but no road map that actually works.

How would it feel to see how the 10% turn dreams into reality with an actual business plan and group of experienced professionals to help you multiply your home business profits?

What is the best number I can text a video with those results?

On linkedin just about everyone who connects with them has something for sale as you demonstrate your conviction and persistence as more is learned about what they want you can ask the questions that answer an excuse they use to scare off those with something to sell.

As they see your really there with a path to what they want faster a door will open for you to say

 I am so glad you shared that with me. I want to text you a video showing how that very problem is getting solved today. What is the best number I can send that too?

As you are making daily connectings and having conversations to learn their story when you can ask the magic question. What is the best number I can text a video too with that solution?

The more you are putting yourself in a position to expand profits on a daily routine of part time efforts paying far more than a full time job!

I just do not have time for those kinds of things.

 I know how you feel I felt the same way and what I found out was it is a treat today to get paid for actions I did a few months ago using the same skills you practice according to your page. Don’t you deserve the time freedom the skills you worked so hard to learn can provide?

What is the best number I can send a video showing how it’s done?

As your courage and conviction shows by the questions you ask them display that what you have gets them to what they want faster the energy overcomes the excuse and the journey will begin!

When they show the skill sets to make things happen but give an excuse expecting you to walk away with and instead you say

  It truly surprises me that you would not want to see how to double your income from the skills you developed working part time as your own boss rather than kissing the but of a boss full time!

 Don’t you deserve better?

What is the best number I can text you a video of how it’s done?

How would it feel to be able to locate thousands of people who have recently posted on line that they are seeking opportunity any time you sat in front of your laptop or mobile phone? Watch video below to see how!

Would you enjoy a path that pays every week to help people save $50 to $100 in the Family budget each month?

Kind of hard for a customer to get mad at more money in the pocket each month!

How would it feel to have extra $$$ weekly every month from an hour per day habit 5 days per week? Simplicity sure is fun!


A real treat recorded 3/21/21 from my on line Mentor and coach Max Stiengart  an hour training that shows actual home office actions on social networks so you do not have to depend on friends and family to earn!

26 years helping folks earn as entrepreneurs below is a pic of myself and my mentor for leadership John C Maxwell it is amazing what is possible when your willing to develop skill sets to serve the masses!

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