Mentors behind Project Healthy Wealth

One of the questions I had for up line leaders when I began my journey in home business back in 1994. 

What leaders did you learn from?

You see one major clue left behind almost all success stories is often the cycle of repetition. A person would set a major example of accomplishment. Others who would want to do the same would usually HIRE them to share the road map of actions to accomplishment!

In grade school we got spanked and detention if we were to copy an A students paper. The heart and blood secret to successful business is DUPLICATION! Isn’t that funny. 

I personally learned there were a lot of company leaders who were paid leaders rather than leaders who actually climbed a comp plan from the bottom up that all members of the company are expected to do!

So rather than listen to paid hype I learned how to study Mentors that spend a life time helping leaders to achievement at record accomplishment. I believe there are 5 major areas to master in business so we are going to share each one and the Mentor I chose to learn the major skill sets from. 

Social Media Strategy  Max Steingart

Max has been teaching social medial longer than any expert I have seen since 1994 when my career began in door to door sales and network marketing. There are over 70 people in his circle of influence who have accomplished more than 7 figures with what he teaches. 

I knew the wave of the future was on line but had only accomplished top earning status off line. Max was the very first coach I spent money to learn from. Learning is a process and practice never a single event.

2016 I hit my first On Line Team from zero to over 700 people in more than 8 countries on the team and never left my home to do it! Start to finish was about 10 months. Every year to this very day I still refresh with a Max Boot Camp!

Mindset  Jeffery Combs I had never heard of Jeffery Combs then one day a friend of mine who was a Real Estate investor who grew his wealth to over 10 million dollars. Well he noticed I was in a major slump and depression after my Dad had passed away. 

He gave me as a gift his entire audio cd and book collection of this Jeffery Combs guy. Earl I will give you all my educational materials that helped me to success!

 All I ask is you go earn at least a hundred grand with it! This gift had I bought each is valued in the thousands of dollars. At the time my financial life crashed I had all my eggs in one basket and the comp plan changed there went all I had except my little meat company. 

My mentor Max was stressing the importance of a good audio program to listen two for mindset. I had a cool set of tapes by Tom Hopkins. But no new material so this collection of Jeffery Combs info was a real treat.

The best part about it was it pulled me out of my slump and destroyed the depression allowing me to learn to let go and separate my feelings from events in life and produce though all obstacles.

Leadership  John C. Maxwell 

The first time I met John was in 1996 a network marketing company I was with hired him to speak I knew he would be a special influence in my life. I purchased lots of his books I still to this day read over and over.

 Then again in 2010 I had my picture taken with him at a live event. John is a master at teaching one how to be the example of what you wish to attract!

Conference Call Presenting   Eddie Freeman my sponsor in Common Sense Wellness World Wide!


I had been out of the Network Marketing for a few years before again came the itch. A friend of mine was wanting to start life over going through a divorce and came to stay at my home for a while. Asked me what I would do if I had to start over in life. I said MLM. 

He had a credit card and we chose a company together and I had never built a team before that was all over the phone. I had always built belly to belly. The age of on line and phone was here to stay.

It took us 2 months to have a team over 40 in more than 10 states and the glue that seemed to hold it all together was my up line mentor Eddie Freeman who had helped 30 folks to a million dollar income. Eddie has a talent for conference call training and teaching like I had never seen in motion before.

Consistency, Follow Up, and Belief were major fundamentals Eddie drove into my heart over the years. He truly is the Master of follow up. He always leads with love and care. 

Advertising Marketing  Robert Hollis

Robert Hollis has an ebook that came across my face book page  as a paid advertisement one day and I just had to read it. Talk about a story from rags to riches with the odds against a fellow.

( How is that Working? ) 

In 2018 I watched Robert Join a company and climb out of retirement. Heard him drop a secret in a special webinar about 200 dollars per day on his face book add spend. So I watched his results 13 months or so and 800,000 dollars in commissions collected! 

Of course as a christian coach my number one ultimate mentor in life is Jesus Christ!

(We have our own ministry out reach helping the disabled who can not leave the home to a live bible study weekly.)

2005 we were homeless and strung out on booze. By 2011 sober 6 years and Real Estate investor with first property. Our blog post how to be mentored by Jesus through the bible Click HERE

started back in 2011. Our funding has not been by donation but what we produce as home entrepreneurs! (Our WHY) 

Now you know the history of mentor-ship behind Project Healthy Wealth. Our mission is very simple. Every day people select solutions in our brand that adds value to life, solves problems, and multiplies profits! 



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