Recruiting Solution impacting home entrepreneurs!

4 major hype free steps to adding members to your team!



    With a sincere trait of value seen in them.
(if you can not find something of value that would be an asset to your organization this is probably not a person you would want to prospect!)

    A desire for them to actually want more information of how what you have would be a solution to what they face.
     The time that you set the appointment for them to see the information A, B, or C time!
     To the next action step of practicing business!
Welcome to entrepreneurship recognize the value of a clear with conviction set of actions that can be practiced so simple anyone can duplicate the process! Your mission is not to beg or convince another person that they need to take action to a better future!
The whole Idea is to select folks that would commit to a process on a schedule that has the potential to help their dreams/goals transform into reality in one to two years.
How do we do that?
Ask (QUESTIONS) that allow them to share what drives them in life. As you hear…{gain permission} to show them how many just like them have found a way to do exactly that. It is not a magic trick or free lunch but good business.
Is now a good time or would A or B time fit your schedule best?
These skill sets can be practiced in conversation, social network chats, and  texts!  Accomplishing the process of the 4 C’s three times a day, 5 days every week for a year. A work habit that has helped many accomplish financial independence who had the courage to remain consistent!
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