Ever been shown true Servant Leadership?

Wouldn’t it be cool to learn the difference in teaching patterns that allowed Jesus Christ to out produce all the pharisees & religious leaders from the beginning of time as far as fruit on the tree? Enjoy video below or read what ever you prefer!

It is time to dive into a major lesson of comparison from how the religious leaders expanded things and what Jesus did that out produced them all!

When you spend the time to understand what took place in both examples of process. You will be able to discover the daily habits that produce the most glory for God! Our entire purpose for existence! You see the devil is a master of deception and his main agenda is to have your heart in a position of doubt rather than faith.

If he can use top church leaders to manipulate the masses at the time to actually have the only living person to ever walk in complete perfection by love through faith. To be crucified. what makes you think that the devil has a different weapon today? Remember he never changes. His magic to divide the church (all who believe in Christ) is to have church leaders plant doubt in the hearts of the people based on what they qualify for from the behavior practiced. (Works instead of Grace)

Did you see Jesus Christ appoint leadership titles and ranks on His 12 disciples? Of course not!

Didn’t Jesus give all people an instruction to pick up the cross and follow Him? He sure did!

Didn’t Jesus pay the price of his life so all who believe in Him could experience redemption and have eternal life? He sure did!

So lets separate our feelings from the events we have learned in life this far. And examine the 4 key fundamentals that Jesus lead by and compare them to the 4 fundamentals practiced by the vine-dressers!

Jesus taught 4 daily skills of Servant-hood. Ask, Receive, Apply, & Multiply.    The Pharisees/religious leaders taught 4 skills of pride. Protocols, Ranks, Titles, & Disqualification.

Jesus practiced and demonstrated what he taught (Integrity).                               The Pharisees delegated the work load!

Jesus Lead with Love, Gratitude, Encouragement, & Faith (giver).                       The Pharisees Dominate by qualification of title, rank, and force (takers).

Jesus duplicated the skills in others to multiply the harvest! ( More fruit)         The Pharisees duplicated Self Servers instead of God’s glorification (More vine-dressers)

As we discover how Jesus gave us the path of the Rock. Not just knowing and having knowledge like the Pharisees. But actually living what the bible says to learn the lessons from those actions to attain God’s wisdom. Jesus had a passion to teach others to pray, seek truth, and apply it to their daily habits. This is the true heart of leadership it is never attained with a degree or title. One will always reap what is sown daily it becomes a choice. Follow the ways of Christ or endure the weight of the world.

Jesus told the devil that man can not live on bread alone but from every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. Those instructions will never change in all of time. If we do not know what Jesus said how can we possibly understand how to bring glory to God by having a relationship with Him?

Our ministry outreach has just one purpose and that is to help others to get to know what Jesus said with a 4 week study through the 4 gospels one day at a time. We do not believe it takes a PHD or any title to share the most important truth to ever exist in all of time. All from the good book itself Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth BIBLE! Your invited click on this link http://www.theservantsteam.com


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