Welcome to The Servants Team Missionary out reach of Troy Montana

Honored to have began our journey in March of 2011. Helping others to a relationship with Jesus Christ. We have learned we can not please God without having faith. As we walk through the process of helping another to Pray for God’s wisdom, Seek through God’s Word, and allow the Holy Spirit to reveal all truth. Having more faith in the process Jesus taught than the regulations of organized religion will always bring glory to God!

Earl Teats and Darlene (Dar) We do not claim to be perfect people the only perfection ever seen for real was Jesus Christ himself! We sin and make mistakes. Every day we ask God for forgiveness and strive to be a better example today than yesterday.

In the video below we share what to expect as a child of God as we learn how to follow the instructions in His Word. Looking for the perfect church is impossible because Jesus Christ is the only person who displayed flawless perfection. What is discovered over time is the devil had 3 major weapons he attacked Jesus with. He attacks church members in all religions following the bible exactly the same today.

The real church is all of us who believe in Jesus Christ.  Using the notes from the process taught in this website. Notes were taken From Jan 1 through Jan 7 2023 and this message shares the results. The moral of the parable we share is the title of the video message enjoy!


Ok here we are end of week two lets see Lesson number two here!

Welcome to week 3 enjoy this weeks message below

Welcome to week 4 and the final message of this Journey through all 4 Gospel’s sharing the words spoke by Jesus Christ. Our last lesson is how Jesus taught discipleship enjoy video below!

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be personally mentored by Jesus Christ?

Are you aware that there is and the process is pretty simple to practice?

Would it even surprise you to know that Jesus even told us in the bible to ask to receive?

Did you know Jesus can speak to you through the words in red otherwise known as the 4 gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John (3 chapters per day 30 days)?

Just like we do in our bible study we simply Pray and ask for God’s wisdom before we read three chapters starting in the book of Matthew. Each day we write down 3 things that stood out the most to us personally. After 30 days you can look back on a journal of 3 messages per day from Jesus Christ to YOU!

When you go through a period in life of prayer, time in the Word, and 3 ways to apply it to YOU thirty days in a row it builds your faith and brings strength to your relationship with Jesus Christ! You know first hand from him what he expects and what he has promised. 

Armed with those certain truths as a Child of God no religion or theological debate with a PHD or Master Degree can ever strip you from the common sense from our Lord Jesus Christ.  From this simple habit of Prayer, 3 chapters, & writing down 3 things that stood out the most.

We can see how to trust God to be the judge of people as we introduce them to Jesus Christ. God provided us his Word and the gift of prayer. Jesus made sure as we asked to receive and spend time in the Word. The Holy Spirit will teach us also known as The HELPER!

When the only tuition is prayer and the instructor is The Holy Bible the last peace of the puzzle is YOUR application of this simple process.  We pray for Jesus to bless you far past your thoughts.

It was the very process that we practiced to go from strung out on booze and homeless in 2005 to over 18 years sober with this ministry out reach in action today. We do not beg for donations to share Gods truth. Our ministry out reach is self funded. We are very grateful to projecthealthywealth.com for sponsoring this webpage.



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